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Bulgur Cloud

Simple and delicious cloud storage and sharing.

What is Bulgur Cloud?

Bulgur Cloud is a self-hostable cloud storage solution. You can upload and download files, organize them, and share them with others*. Everything stays on computers or servers you own, so you have complete control and trust over your data.

* Sharing not yet implemented. Bulgur Cloud is in early development.

Easy to Self Host

Keep your files under your own control by hosting Bulgur Cloud yourself. Bulgur Cloud has no external dependencies, just a single executable file. Or a single, small container. No databases, caches, or services to configure.

Small but Mighty

Bulgur Cloud uses little in terms of resources, but delivers powerful features. Common operations complete in a few milliseconds, so you never have to wait.

Open Source

Bulgur Cloud is open source, licensed under the AGLP license. You can read the source code, make changes, and contribute to the project.

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